Genome annotations – now on the Downloads page!

Did you know that you can use data from virtually any genome to identify copy number variations (CNV) and LOH using Nexus Copy Number and Nexus Solo? When you first launch the software and create a new project, you will see two organisms (human and mouse) in the “Organism” dropdown. But you are not limited to these two organisms. These two are included with the installer as they are the most commonly used and we want to keep the installers as small as possible. But you can easily add a new organism if you don’t work on human or mouse and you can also add new genome annotation files in the future as your project scope changes.

Now we’ve made it even easier to obtain additional genomes by providing currently available annotation files as zip archive downloads on our Downloads page. If you don’t see your organism here, don’t worry, you can easily create these annotation files yourself and add to Nexus. Check out the Appendix on “Adding a New Organism” in the User Manual. If you still need help, contact BioDiscovery Technical Support and we will help in creating the necessary files. As we generate new annotation files, we will add them to the Downloads page.

Here are some of the organisms currently available for Nexus Copy Number and Nexus Solo: cow, cat, dog, monkey, horse, platypus, chimpanzee, orangutan, rat, pig, C. elegans, cichlid, zebrafish, medaka, corn, chicken, yeast, Streptococcus, P. falciparum, and C. raciborskii.

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